Artist: Tracy Byrd | Song: Why Dont Telephone Ring

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Tracy Byrd, Why Dont Telephone Ring Tabs

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Artist/Band: Byrd Tracy Tabs
Song: Why Dont Telephone Ring Tab

	Ok, I need help with this song , I can usualy pick out alot of songs 
	by ear, but I'm havin trouble with this one for some reason , maybe 
	because it may be so simple , not sure .    This is a great song , 
	one of my favs ,  I have the mp3  email me if you need it .    TEX  

Tracy Byrd - " Why Don't That Telephone Ring "

   1) I had the operator call me back 
2) She's  always had this distant dream   1) She said my phone is working fine
2) I said  Go make it come true   1) Here in Louisville It's almost dawn
2) And  you know whatever's in the cards   1) But it's 2 am Pacific time
2) Ill be right  here for you   1) I thought sure she would have called by  now
2) But that's been to long ago    1) And tell me all about that wild and crazy  LSE
2) And now I just don't know If I'm still part of her dreams   1) Well I know my numbers in the book 
2) If I  ever cross her mind at all    1) Why don't that telephone ring. 
2) Why don't  that telephone ring.   * Chorus *
Don't she know I'm anxiously  waiting
Longing for her. Long distance call 
I wish I knew what her  silence is saying
If my love means anything, 
Why don't that telephone  ring & &   Sing 2)  Repeat Chorus then fade out  (.  

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