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Tracy Byrd, Redneck Roses Tabs

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Artist/Band: Byrd Tracy Tabs
Song: Redneck Roses Tab

Song: Redneck Roses
Sung By: Tracy Byrd
CD: No Ordinary Man
Written By: Tracy Byrd/Byron Hill
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence

Capo 1st Fret

Verse 1.
D                      F#m
Not so long ago On his way home from work
      G                       A
He'd stop by the side of the road
      G                       A
Step out of that old beat up Ford
That he drove

Verse 2.
D                     F#m
And he'd walk around Searchin' the ground
       G                       A
For a handful of wild flower blooms
G                          A
Thinkin' of where he'd be soon
There with her

                         G      A                      D
She called them redneck roses 'Cause that's what they were
         Em                   G                  A
A simple gift of love From a country boy to his girl
                         G     A                 Bm G
She called them redneck roses They didn't cost a dime
     Em                          A          D     
But they brought a smile to her face Every time

Verse 3.
Now it's years down the line She sits home alone
It's the usual end of the day 
Once again, he's still workin' late
And he never calls
Verse 4.
They've got a house on a hill No problem with bills
And a baby that's on the way 
But her heart longs for those yesterdays
And his love

Repeat Chorus

D          Em                       A
They could still put a smile on her face
           A7       D
If he only had the time

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