Artist: Tracy Byrd | Song: No Ordinary Man

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Tracy Byrd, No Ordinary Man Tabs

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Artist/Band: Byrd Tracy Tabs
Song: No Ordinary Man Tab

Song: No Ordinary Man
Sung By: Tracy Byrd
CD: No Ordinary Man
Written By: Lonnie Williams/Frank Dycus/Tracy Byrd
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence

Intro: Am    Dm    Am    Dm

Verse 1.
Eight seconds ain't very long to live
But tonight he barely made five
He gave all that he had to give
But the big bull won tonight
He climbs into that old pickup
Black coffee in his hands
Well a rodeo ain't no ordinary life
       E                       Am
But a cowboy ain't no ordinary man

Well he rides just to keep his spirit alive
Makin' money for his wife and kids
He tried other kinds of work
But nothing ever seemed to fit
Oh he loves the smell of a Brahma bull
             Am             Dm
The feel of leather in his hands
Well Rodeo ain't no ordinary life
       E7                      Am
But a cowboy ain't no ordinary man

Verse 2.
He's got a gold buckle on his mind
And he don't ride to lose
Tomorrow night he'll nod and yell outside
And they'll turn his future loose
No matter how bad he hurts
He'll tip his hat to the fans
Rodeo ain't no ordinary life
But a cowboy ain't no ordinary man

Repeat Chorus

Ending:* (Acapella)

Ain't no ordinary
                              Am    Dm    E    Am    Dm   Am
He's an extra ordinary man

(*)At the end of the second chorus, on the last line after "but a cowboy",
go down to ending. The ending is sung acapella. If you don't understand what
I mean, buy the CD!

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