Artist: Tracy Byrd | Song: Make A Diamond Shine

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Tracy Byrd, Make A Diamond Shine Tabs

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Country Tabs > Byrd Tracy Tabs > Make A Diamond Shine

Artist/Band: Byrd Tracy Tabs
Song: Make A Diamond Shine Tab

Album:  Big Love
Written by:  Craig Wiseman & Mike Dekle
Note:  Thanks to Lluis Sala for supplying album\writer info. ;-]

G/g means play the G chord with a G bass.
G/gb means play the G chord with a Gb bass.
G/a means play the G chord with an A bass.

Don't Love Make a Diamond Shine        Tracy Byrd
D                                       G                     D
Tommy and Jane barely eighteen holding hands at the jewelry store
D                                     G/g           G/gb  G/a   A
Eyes open wide staring inside at the ring that they wanted for her
Mister bring it close  Mister can we hold
    G                        D
I think it's gonna fit just fine
As he slipped it one her hand Janie kissed her man
       A                     D
Don't love makes a diamond shine
Riff connecting verse with chorus. Listen to record for timing.

       D                        G                       D
Don't love make a diamond shine It don't matter if it costed a dime
Dang thing looks like a million bucks
Sitting on the hand of a girl in love
D                           G                       D
Perfect fifteen carats is duller than dirt if the heart don't wear it
D                                      G
Three little words it will knock you blind
       D             A      D
Don't love make a diamond shine         lead, riff to 2nd verse

D                                             G                    D
There's a rich lady with a new mercedas and living in a pent high rise
She's got a big old rock on her left hand
           G/g            G/gb  G/a   A
It looks cheaper than a cracker jack surprize
'Cause the man don't know that it ain't the dough
     G                              D
You know all they need to spend is time
And that big mark-key would be a lazer beam 
       A                   D
Don't love make a diamond shine
chorus, lead, chorus, to ending   
               D            A       D
ENDING: Don't love make a diamond shine

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