Artist: Tracy Byrd | Song: Just Let Me Be In Love

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Tracy Byrd, Just Let Me Be In Love Tabs

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Artist/Band: Byrd Tracy Tabs
Song: Just Let Me Be In Love Tab

Date: 24 Sept 01
Song: Just Let Me Be In Love
Artist: Tracy Byrd
Transposed by: Eddie Garcia (

Just Let Me Be In Love

Cm                             A#
My breath is short my heart is beatin’ fast
G#                                G
Every time I smile it hurts she’s smilin’ back
Cm                          A#
If I’m dreamin’ please just let me sleep
G#                           G
Anyone can see that she’s to good for me
Oh, give her time she’ll find out soon enough
Just let me have and hold her till she does…


Cm             A#          G#        G
What we’ve got goin’ on is so incredible
Cm         A#             G#             G
This chemistry between us feels so wonderful
    D#              G
But knowin’ me I’ll probably
       A#m            G#
Find a way to mess it up
               D#           G#
Who knows, who cares, right now
     G            Cm
Just let me be in love

Cm                    A#
Don’t concern me with reality
G#                         G
Don’t convince me she’s to heavenly
Cm                     A#
Forget the future disregard the past
G#                          G
Those are questions I don’t wanna ask
Oh, to my heart all that matters is tonight
Just let me live this moment in her eyes…

(repeat chorus)


(repeat chorus)

Eddie Garcia

**Keepin' it Country**

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