Artist: Ryan Adams | Song: Thirteen Below

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Ryan Adams, Thirteen Below Tabs

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Country Tabs > Adams Ryan Tabs > Thirteen Below

Artist/Band: Adams Ryan Tabs
Song: Thirteen Below Tab

Intro Chords C Am C Am F Am C Am F Am)

We were... 
C                                       Am
thirteen deep below the earth, when we saw the fatal light.
     C                             Am
A mighty blast of fire shook us all and one to flight.
       F                                Am
For those of us still able, we moved to safer ground.
       C                           Am                                
The air was getting thinner, as we heard the crumbling sound.  
F                    Am
Heard the crumbling sound.

        C                       Am
We made peace with our creator, each in his own way.
        C                         Am
Some wrote notes to family, while others sat to pray.
F                            Am
Time has moved so slowly, who will hear our plight?
        C                               Am                      
As we sat there in the darkness, prepared for our last fight.  
F               Am
Fighting for our life.

G                        F          C            Am
Were waiting for a miracle, to see the light of day. 
F                       F                Am
It wont be long before were found and well be on our way.

C                            Am
One by one among us, would swear to see daylight.
        C                               Am
Exclaiming that theyve found us and soon wed be alright.
    F                                   Am
It finally dawned upon me, that they truly saw the light.
C                          Am                      
Not the one expected, but one to end their fight.  
 F                Am
One to end their fight.

Dm                          Am
Each one settled gently in hopes that were untrue.
F                           Am
Frozen in expression, with thoughts of our rescue.
Dm                      Am
Now I am the last one, waiting for the light.
E7                                Am                    
My eyes are growing heavy, Im about to lose my sight.  
F                Am
About to lose my sight.

            C                        Am
Like the others here around me, I believe I see the light.
        C                          Am
When a surge of air surrounds me I feel Ive lost the fight.
     F                      Am
A rush of saviors enter and I too see daylight.
         C                          Am                   
Im coming with you brothers, cause I too see the light. 
 F                   Am
Cause I too see the light.

G                       F           C            Am
Were waiting for a miracle, to see the light of day. 
F                       F                Am
It wont be long before were found and well be on our way.

[Thanks to Daniel Rojas for tabs]

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