Artist: Ryan Adams | Song: The End

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Ryan Adams, The End Tabs

Ryan Adams Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Adams Ryan Tabs > The End

Artist/Band: Adams Ryan Tabs
Song: The End Tab

G      A     G    A     G      A    D    D

D                G           D           D
I donít know the sound of my fatherís voice
D            D                   A           A
I donít even know how he says my name
       G              A         bm          G
But it plays out like song on a jukebox in a bar
       D          D/A            A             D        D
In the back of my head till itís worrying machine

           D                    G           D    D    
And in the cotton fields by the house where I was born
D                    D              A    A
The leaves burn like effigies of my kin
        G               A                  bm          G                
And the trains run like snakes through the Pentecostal pines
D              D/A        A          D          D
Filled up with cotton and dime store gin

bm           bm           G            D
Jacksonville,     how you burden in my soul
        A           G      bm        bm
How you hold all my dreams captive
bm             bm          G            D
Jacksonville,      how you play with my mind
       A          G
How my heart goes bad
     bm            A           bm             bm(n.c.)  
Suffocating on the pines in Jacksonville

G              A      G           A      G   A  D D
The end               the end

Verse 2/Chorus 2 Ė same chords

Quiet Instrumental break
G      A    G     A     G   A  D D

G          A       G            A       G       A  D D D D
The end            the end              the end

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