Artist: Ryan Adams | Song: Dear Anne

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Ryan Adams, Dear Anne Tabs

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Country Tabs > Adams Ryan Tabs > Dear Anne

Artist/Band: Adams Ryan Tabs
Song: Dear Anne Tab

Intro: (B) (F) (Cm) x4

(B)I read a (F) book on (Cm)you
You were doing (B)fine
One (F)lazy after(Cm)noon
You wrote in your (B)diary
Your sister Margot (F) she don't talk(Cm)
Peter he said in your (B)room
My (F) thoughts they are with you(Cm)

Who turned you in? (B) (F) (Cm)
Who let you down? (B) (F) (Cm)
Who sold you out? (Bm)
The (B) green (G/F# ?) police of her (F) duchenous? feet
(Cm) Know why...
You was a beautiful child (B) (F) (Cm)

(B) Yeah and (F) she was just (Cm) 15
Yeah and barely a (B) girl
She (F) watched the leaves go (Cm) green
Through the cracks of an old window (B) sill
What the (F) hell did those people (Cm) do?
Yeah and how could they (B) sleep 
Once they (F) laid their eyes on (Cm) you?

Who turned you in? (B) (F) (Cm)
Who let you down? (B) (F) (Cm)
Who sold you out? (Bm)
The (B) green (G/F#?)police of her (F)duchenous? feet
(Cm) Know why... 
You was a beautiful child(B) (F) (Cm)
Beautiful child (B) (F) (Cm)
Beautiful child. (Bm) ...(Cm?)

(B)Yeah it (F)broke your daddy's (Cm)heart
Yeah but you made him (B)smile
(F)Miep she kept your (Cm)book
with the cloth and red checkered bow (B)tie
I wanna (F) thank you for your (Cm) thoughts
no they weren't mine to (B) read
(F) P.S. keep an eye on me (Cm)

Repeat Chorus. 

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