Artist: Zac Brown Band | Song: Stay

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Zac Brown Band, Stay Tabs

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Country Tabs > Zac Brown Band Tabs > Stay

Artist/Band: Zac Brown Band Tabs
Song: Stay Tab

Tune down ˝ step 
|D#| G#| C#| F#| A#| D#|

Am7  G   Am7  G   Am7  G                

Verse 1                                   Am7                            G   
If you noticed……….Things aren’t what they seem…… Hmmmm
Am7                           G   
I drink to….. give you less__ meaning…….. 
                                       Am7                                     G   
You’re my Fri___day……..Saturday and____ Sunday
                                         Am7                              G   
With out you…………it’s always____Monday

Am7                              G   
So do________n’t   walk awa______y     
                                          Am7                                 G   
I’m su_______re    the pain will go awa______y     

Verse                                       Am7                                     G   
Hea__ther I …..     think we had a strong lo___ve
                                         Am7                G   
Under__ the___ gun yes….. we can rise abo___ve
                                         Am7          G   
I  he__ard the knock ….oh! it was__ you___
Since you’ve been gone__ you have no idea 
what Ive been thro___ugh

Am7                              G   
So do________n’t   walk awa______y     
                                         Am7                                     G   
Just st________ay    and give me one more da___y

Bridge: acoustic guitar solo (rythmn guitar: play verse progression)

Verse 3                               Am7                                 G   
I’m fro__zen…… my …ey__es on the cei___ling         Hmmmm
                                         Am7                                 G   
I ca__n’t breathe ………when I’ve this feeling___
                                         Am7                                     G   
So__ good bye__ …..This da__nce is over___
I’m  so__ sad__ I won’t be the one to 
ho___ld  her_______        yeah!________

                                         Am7                                    G   
do____n’t        do________n’t   walk awa______y     
Just st___________ay    and give me one 
mo___re   da___y……… just give me one mo__re day

                                         Am7                               G 
I he__ard the knock        oh! it was__ you___

[Thanks to JSG for tabs]

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