Artist: Timi Yuro | Song: Hurt

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Timi Yuro, Hurt Tabs

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Artist/Band: Yuro Timi Tabs
Song: Hurt Tab

G7 C C+ Am C Em 
I?m hurt, to think that you lied to me. 

F Dm Em A7 
Hurt, way down deep inside of me. 

Dm G7 F C 
You said your love was true, and we?d never part. 

Am Am7 D7 Dm7 G7 
Now you want someone new, and it breaks my heart. 

G7 C C+ Am C Em 
I?m hurt, much more than you?ll ever know. 

F Dm Em A7 
Hurt, because I still love you so. 

Dm Dm7 Fm7 Em C Gm7 A7 
And even though you?ve hurt me, like nobody else could do. 

Dm G7 C 
I would never, no never hurt you. 

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