Artist: Faron Young | Song: Wine Me Up

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Faron Young, Wine Me Up Tabs

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Country Tabs > Young Faron Tabs > Wine Me Up

Artist/Band: Young Faron Tabs
Song: Wine Me Up Tab

Wine Me Up
Recorded by: Faron Young
Also Recorded By: Gary Allen and Ernest Tubbs
Written By:   Faron Young/Billy Deaton
Transcribed By: George Wolkotte

A great song by three great artists.  To play Faron and Gary's version put a 
capo on the second fret and play it as transcribed. To play Ernest Tubbs 
style, capo second fret and play in C.

Intro :  G - D - C - G

I'm the center of attention in this bar room                                 
Cause' I've got the biggest heartache of the year
G                                                 C
And each night those swingin' doors reach out for me and draw me in
G                              D                 C           G
Cause' they know each night that I'll be back to Wine me up again

G-G (Stop)

(NC)    G                            C       G   C-G   C-G
Wine me up, turn me on and watch me cry for you
G                                 D
Lately drinkin' warm red wine is all I wanna do
        G                               C
And I never know how tight I'll wine me up till I walk in
             G          D               C           G
But I don't care cause I'll be back to wine me up again

G                                                                     I'd 
like to thank the men who raise the grapes way out in California
And I'm hopin' this will be there biggest year
        G                                 C
Cause scarlet water's all that's left to keep me hangin' on
            G               D              C                   G
And that's why I'll try to wine me up each day and night next year

G-G (Stop)  (To Chorus)

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