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Faron Young, Left To Right Tabs

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Artist/Band: Young Faron Tabs
Song: Left To Right Tab

I learned this off an old Faron Young album with the paper torn off. I
don't know who wrote it, but it was pretty popular at one time.

Left to Right (Or Right to Wrong)

C                       F          C
F      C
I close the office right on time, start the car and get in line
C                                                   G            G-7
And I approach the Franklin Circle stoplight
      G                                          G-7
My mind is working overtime, it's once again decision time
G                      G-7            C
Which direction will I turn tonight

Stoplight please don't take so long, temptation's gettin' mighty strong

The fever in my body moves my arm

Will it go up or down tonight, to make the signal left or right

Left to home or right to Mary's charms
           C-7   F                        G                    C
Chorus:        To the left where dinner's on the table
                     F                    G
C         C-7
                    Set with lots of love most every night
                          F                        G                   C

                    Or to the right where I know I'll be able
                          D            D-7            G          G-7
                    To satisfy my body's appetite
                               F                 G
C          C-7     F
                    Should I go right to Mary's house or turn left and
go home
                    F                         G                     C
                    Should I go left to right or right to wrong

(Repeat the chorus and repeat the last line at the end)

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