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Faron Young, If That's The Fashion Tabs

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Artist/Band: Young Faron Tabs
Song: If That's The Fashion Tab

If That's the Fashion
C                                               G7
Each day there's someone who pays for another's mistakes
The guilty go free but the hearts of the innocent break
                                      C7             F
You brag that you cheat for I'd never believe it was so
    G7                                                C
And if that's the fashion then leave me to sorrow and go
I vowed to my heart I'd be true dear when God made us one
You took the same vow and shame those who cheated for fun
                                       C7           F
Now you see no glamour in love that is faithful and true
    G7                                                       C
And if that's the fashion it's the kind of love that I never knew
I thought your young heart would settle and wanted just one
I was so wrong but it's hard to undo what is done
                                     C7           F
I guess as time changes the cycle of life changes too
   G7                                               C
So if that's the fashion be gay for life owes it to you

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