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Faron Young, Believing It Yourself Tabs

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Country Tabs > Young Faron Tabs > Believing It Yourself

Artist/Band: Young Faron Tabs
Song: Believing It Yourself Tab

written by Justin Tubb
G                                             C
You're telling everybody that she loves you   you know she don't
D7                                               G
You're telling everybody that she'll come back   you know she won't
                              G7           C
You tell the same old story   to everybody else
                       D7                 G
And pretty soon you'll start believing it yourself
I know because she put me through it too   she gets around
D7                                          G
And you got so much pride you won't admit   she turns you down
                                 G7                  C
So you'll stick to your story   I did the same thing too
                       D7                        G
And pretty soon you'll start believing that it's true
You say you're something special in her eyes   you know you're not
D7                                         G
A memory and a lotta foolish lies   that's all you've got
                                    G7                C
But you say that she'll come back   I know just how you feel
                       D7                       G
And pretty soon you'll start believing that she will
But you're just asking for a broken heart   when you won't quit
D7                                             G
Cause when you start believing your own lies   that's what you'll get
                       G7                 C
So go tell everybody   she found somebody else
                      D7                 G
And maybe soon you'll start believing it yourself

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