Artist: Trisha Yearwood | Song: Melancholy Blue

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Trisha Yearwood, Melancholy Blue Tabs

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Country Tabs > Yearwood Trisha Tabs > Melancholy Blue

Artist/Band: Yearwood Trisha Tabs
Song: Melancholy Blue Tab

Melancholy Blue
        Gm D Gm D A7      
 D                     G                       
Ever since I lost you babe                    
I've been here and there 

 D                            G                   A
Looking for some piece of mind, can't find it anywhere

 Bm7              G       D              A
I went down to Tunica, played me a little blackjack 
  Bm7               G         Em            D  G 
Saw a wino on the corner, gave my winnings back


A                               D  G      
If it was just money baby I could make it 
      A                       D  G
But living without you can I take it
 A           D      G
All I see ahead of me 
     Bm      F#     G    D      
Is just melancholy blue
   Em                 A7               Gm      
Cause I ain't got no future without you
D   Gm   D   A7

Verse 2 same as 1st verse 

Chorus. Then into middle 8 :-

 F#m                 G       
Now and then I go back to Biloxi 
  D             A   
Whenever I feel brave
 F#m                        G     
Visit that little country church down there
            Bm     D      G    
Lay some flowers on your grave
 G               A7          D               A      B
You sure got a hold on me, I don't know what to do
 Em            A7
I ain't got no future
 Em             A7              Gm 
I can't see no future without you
D   Gm   D

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