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Trisha Yearwood, In Anothers Eyes Tabs

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Artist/Band: Yearwood Trisha Tabs
Song: In Anothers Eyes Tab

Song: In Another's Eyes
As Sung by: Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks
Written by:  Bobby Wood, John Peppard & Garth Brooks
Transcribed by:
Found on Trisha's "Songbook, A Collection of Hits"
Thank you to Terry Davio for helping me out on some chords
                                    IN ANOTHER'S EYES
G D C G......G D C G
    G        D           C      G      G         D
In another's eyes...I'm someone who...loves her enough
         C        G   A     D                A
To walk away from you...I'd never cheat...I would never lie
    G             A      D
In another's eyes...Yeah
    D                     A
In another's eyes...I can do no wrong
          D                      G              A
And he believes in me...and his faith is strong
    D                A                    G             A     D
I'd never fall...or even compromise...In another's eyes....hmm
Em F#m    G                    D
      In another's eyes...I'm afraid that I can't see
      A               A7                   D         G A
This picture perfect portrait...that they paint of me
      G                        Bm
They don't realize...And I pray they never do
       G            D              A         G            D C G
'Cause everytime I look I'm seeing another's eyes
       G             D          A      D
Oh in another's eyes...staring back at me
         G       D             A       G 
I see a sinking soul...trying desperately
       D                   A          G             A         D
To turn the tide..before it another's eyes..yeah.yeah
N.C.          G    A     D            Em  F#m   G
     And what they don't see..Lord is killing   me
       Bm                                  A   A7 A
It's a blessing and a curse that love is blind
       A  A G                      D
'Cause in a-nother's eyes..I'm afraid that I can't see
A                      A7                 D
This picture perfect portrait that they paint of me
G A                G                     Bm
    They don't realize..and I pray to God they never do
       G           D               A
'Cause everytime I look I'm seeing you
    G            D     C G
In another's eyes  2x's
In another's eyes     D

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