Artist: Trisha Yearwood | Song: I Want To Live Again

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Trisha Yearwood, I Want To Live Again Tabs

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Artist/Band: Yearwood Trisha Tabs
Song: I Want To Live Again Tab

I Want to Live Again 
sung by Trisha Yearwood
from the album "Everybody Knows"
Transcribed by Stuart Kast

C   C   C   F   F

Verse 1

(G) Kept my head in the (C)sand so long
It (F)makes a heart real (C)hard to find
(G) I've had enough of a (C)love gone wrong
to (Dm)last (Em)a (F)life  (Am)time
(G) But tear drops on a (C)lonely night
are (F)never gonna (Am)make things right
(Dm) I've got to get (C)out 
(Bm)from (Am)under this (G)cloud


(C) I want to live again
I want to laugh, I want to love
I want to (F)roll those dice
(C) Gonna run the risk, do the dance
Take a chance
and (Dm)let (Am)the (G)heart-(Em)ache (F)ride
(G)I want to live again

(Play intro again)
Verse 2

Gonna pull the curtains back
Let a little moonlight in 
Run around in a Cadillac
and feel the wheels spin
and when I set my spirit free
I know the past will rest in peace
I don't care what I face
Cause what ever it takes

Last Half of Verse
C    C    C    F

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