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Chely Wright, Back Of The Bottom Drawer Tabs

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Country Tabs > Wright Chely Tabs > Back Of The Bottom Drawer

Artist/Band: Wright Chely Tabs
Song: Back Of The Bottom Drawer Tab

Capo 1st fret

Intro -  (Cadd9) - (Asus4)-(A) - (G/F#) - (G) - (Dsus4)-(D)

(verse 1)
       (Asus2)               (Dm/E)
In the back of the bottom drawer,
        (Asus2)        (Dm/E)
Of the dresser by our bed,
    (Asus2)            (Dm/E)
Is a box of odds and ends,
That I have always kept,
But the man who sleeps beside me,
Doesn't know it's even there,
Little pieces of my past,
        (Asus4)              (A)
That I shouldn't have to share,

    (D)              (Bm)
(A) napkin that is stained with time,
       (G)                (A)
Has a poem on it that didn't quite rhyme,
(Bm)               (A)   (G) - (A)
  But it made me cr--y, 
      (D)                       (Bm)
In a dear Jane letter from a different guy,
     (G)                      (A) 
He broke up with me and he told me,
        (Bm)      (A)   (G) 
I'm not always ri--ght,
      (Cadd9)                            (Asus4) - (A)
And a stolen key from an old hotel room door,
(G/F#)    (G)    (A)                 (D)
In the back,   of the bottom drawer,

(verse 2)
(A)                   (Dm/E)
I don't keep these things,
           (A)            (Dm/E)
Cause I'm longing to go back, 
   (A)                  (Dm/E)                (G)
I keep them because I want to stay right where I'm at,
I'm reminded of my rights and wrongs, 
I don't want to mess this up, 
But I wouldn't know where I belong,
   (Asus4)              (A)
Without this box of stuff, 

    (D)                    (Bm)
(A) birthday card from my first boyfriend,
                (G)          (A)
He signed it I love you so I gave in, 
(Bm)               (A)             (G)     (A)
Yeah we went too far, in his daddy's car, 
                (D)               (Bm)
And those Mardi Gras beads from ninety-eight, 
     (G)                      (A) 
We danced all night, stayed out so late, 
(Bm)                   (A)             (G)       (A)
We thought we were stars, closing down the bars.
      (Cadd9)                                     (Asus4) - (A)
That champagne was cheap but still I've got that cork. 
(G/F#)    (G)    (A)                 (D)
In the back,   of the bottom drawer,

(Am7)                                           (G)
I'm not trying to hide these things from the man I love today, 
          (Bb)                                  (A)
But I'm a better woman for him, thanks to my yesterdays,

      (D)                (Bm)
So I try to give more than I take, 
       (G)                        (A)
And I bite my tongue fight the urge to say,
     (Bm)         (A)          (G)  
It's my way, or no way at all. 
   (Cadd9)                          (Asus4) - (A)
And now I cherish love a whole lot more.
(G/F#)                     (G)    (A)                  (D)
Cause of what's, in the back,    of the bottom drawer.

outro - (Cadd9) - (Asus4) - (A) - (G/F#) - (G) - (A) - (D)

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