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Wreckers, Crazy People Tabs

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Artist/Band: Wreckers Tabs
Song: Crazy People Tab

Capo 1st fret  

A          D      A                 D                    
Only crazy people fall in love with me
     A             D    A         E
They come from all over to be with me
     A            D
Bank robbers, and killers
A                D
Drunks, and drug dealers
     A     D      E                 A
Only crazy people fall in love with me

He came from Carolina 
      D                 A
on a west bound freight train
He didn't have no ticket
But he got here the same 
A             D
He left a reminder
A                   D
with nine months to go 
A                     D
Thats why I killed his wife
    E               A
and wrecked up his home


He fled Mississippi
     D         A
with me at his side
A trunk full of money
and no place to hide

A                 D
Well he loved his whiskey 
        A             D
and his fist loved my face
     A            D
So I burried that man
     E            A
They wont find a trace


     A     D      E
Only crazy people fall in love 
With me    (haha haha haha ha)!

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