Artist: Darryl Worley | Song: Things I'll Never Do Again

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Darryl Worley, Things I'll Never Do Again Tabs

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Country Tabs > Worley Darryl Tabs > Things I'll Never Do Again

Artist/Band: Worley Darryl Tabs
Song: Things I'll Never Do Again Tab

D                            D7  G
 Skipping rocks, across the creek/ Tasting somethin'' good to eat
A                             D                   A
Feelin'' grass on my bare feet/..and talkin'' a friend
D                           D7  G                        
 Walking down a railroad track/with the wind against my back
All the things I''ll never do again.
G                        C/G                  G7                 D
 Here I am, behind a wall,   all alone, and there ain''t no way out
G                                 C/G                                 A
  Payin'' for the things I''ve done,   And all I have is time to think about
G                   A         D
All the things I''ll never do again.
 D                       D7   G                         
 Puttin'' in a hard days work, goin'' fishing after church
A                                D              A
Lovin'' her so much it hurts, and Cryin'' now and then
D                                     G                       G7
layin'' down, for a good nights sleep/ Makin'' love so soft and sweet
A                         D
All the things I never do again.
 (BREAK) 1 Measure
D                        D7     G  (....Talk....)       
 Warden says any last request?  I swallow hard, and take one deep breath
A                       G   G7  D  
 Things I''ll never do again.

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