Artist: Bob Woodruff | Song: Bayou Girl

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Bob Woodruff, Bayou Girl Tabs

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Country Tabs > Woodruff Bob Tabs > Bayou Girl

Artist/Band: Woodruff Bob Tabs
Song: Bayou Girl Tab

written by: Michael Smotherman/ Bob Woodruff
performed by:Bob Woodruff on "Dreams and Saturday Nights"

1.From Cypress trees above
  Spanish moss is hanging down
  I cut off the motor 
  And I row without a sound
  Slippin' through the darkness
  Girl I've come for you
  I don't care if it's crazy
  I don't care if it's wrong
  I just know I gotta have you
  Before the night is gone

C.Bayou girl you're so fine
         D                                A
  A wild orchid bloomin' in the pale moonlight
  Make my heart pound
  Dance me down
  Bayou girl

2.Your Daddy's huntin' gators
  Your brother's up in jail
  Your momma kinda likes me
  I bet you she don't tell
  She knows about young lovers 
  She was young one time too
  Come on the time is right
  the stars are shining bright
  Ratydids and fiddle fill the night

Repeat Chorus

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