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Holly Williams, Velvet Sounds Tabs

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Artist/Band: Williams Holly Tabs
Song: Velvet Sounds Tab

CAPO on 3

Intro:  Am, C, F, E7, E 

Velvet sounds you made
Sleeping symphony as I would lie awake
In the crevice of your shoulder soft and warm
                         E7    E
That's where I miss your breathing

Black and pink and white
These are colors that remind me of the night
We fell on your steps and wished for all our lives
To be filled with such freedom

Picture perfect place
Painting shadows on the canvas of your face
Graceful rhythms in the frantic love we made
Moving underneath moonlight

Break: Am, C, F, E7, E 

Now, looking at my mirror
The one you gave to me from the shop across the street
Where everything is rare
Just like your blue eyes
Just like your sad goodbyes
Just like the heartfelt letter that your mother mailed to you
                   E7 E
Everything made me cry

(same as first two werses)

So here they come again
Haunting memories of you they always win
Begging for a place to come alive again
I swear I will not hurt you again


Velvet sounds you made
Sleeping symphony as I would lie awake
In the crevice of your shoulder soft and warm
That's where I miss your breathing

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