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Holly Williams, The Highway Tabs

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Artist/Band: Williams Holly Tabs
Song: The Highway Tab

                      ***(Capo 5)***

                 intro: G - D - Em - C x2

(verse 1)

(G)ive been sitting here wonderin' if ill ever (D)get

back to those wheels will I ever (Em)be

changin' those strings out before (C)nine

(D)I am wishing for the life that I used to (D)live

giving everything that I have to (Em)give

in a brand new city bout' every (C)night.


(D)missing those nights, (Em)missing that sky ive been (C)missing home

(D)missing their smiles, (Em)missing those miles ive been (C)missing home


out there on the (G)highway

out there on the (D)open road

ooh baby will you (Em)roll with me, roll with me

head down to New (C)Orleans

I should be wearing out the (G)blacktop

out there with the (D)boys I love

everybody c'mon (Em)roll with me, roll with me

running down this (C)dream and get me out there on the high(G)way.

(verse 2)

(G)ive been sitting here askin' him every (D)night

for a brand new song and a piece of (Em)mind

the road is all I think about these (C)days

(G)all I need is out there I will be just (D)fine

a six-string guitar and a jug of (Em)wine

when the lights go down around that (C)stage


I (Am)miss the sound of rubber rollin' out my (C)window

and that cres(G)cendo the highway (D)brings

oh these (Am)wheels are gonna keep me spinning all my (C)days

out there on the high(G)way.


(Em)roll with me, roll with me

oh hunny c'mon (C)roll with me, roll with me 

out there on the (G)highway...

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