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Hank Williams, Building Temple In Heaven Tabs

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Artist/Band: Williams Hank Tabs
Song: Building Temple In Heaven Tab

This is the same as, "A Home In Heaven," except temple replaces home.
Demo by Hank in 1949, overdubbed and released after Hank died.


Key C         Writer, Hank Williams

(C) Around me (G7) many are (C) building,
(F) Temples of beauty and (C) wealth,
But (F) what of a temple in (C) Heaven,
Where will you (G7) live after (C) death.  (C7)

Are you (F) building a temple in (C) Heaven,
To live in when this life is (G7) o'er,
Will you (C) move to that (F) beautiful (C) city,
And live with (G7) Christ ever-(C) more.

Like the second and third verses of "Home" the
second verse here has a different chord progression.

(C) So long is the (F) road that (C) leads you,
To that beautiful land up (G7) there,
Is (C) work on your (F) temple com-(C) pleated,
Death may (G7) be ling'rin' (C) near.

Repeat chorus:

On the overdub, an instrumental "turnaround"
was added here and the chorus repeated.

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