Artist: Steve Wariner | Song: Lonely Women

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Steve Wariner, Lonely Women Tabs

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Artist/Band: Wariner Steve Tabs
Song: Lonely Women Tab

Lonely Women
Recorded by:  Bobby Luman; Steve Wariner
Submitted by:  Thomas Rivers

Lonely women make good lovers
They're all at the mercy of a good lookin' smooth talkin' man
Lonely women make good lovers
So if you've got a woman, better treat her just as good as you can.

(Verse 1)
Lots of times a lonely girl will go out on the town
With no thoughts of leavin' on her mind.
She don't try to plant bad seeds, but there's somethin' every woman needs
And a friendly smile will work every time.

(Verse 2)
Once a woman's tasted love, she can't live without it
She'll search for something warm when she gets cold
And if her lips are wet with wine, when it comes to lovin' time
She'll trade her pride for somethin' warm to hold.

	1		4		57		57
	4		57		1		57
	1		4		57		57
	4		57		1		1

	1		4		57		1
	4		57		1		57
	1		4		57		1
	4		57		1		1

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