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Clay Walker, Whats It To You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Walker Clay Tabs
Song: Whats It To You Tab

This is as close as I could get.

Clay Walker
What's it to you?

D-G  G-D-D-A   D-G  G-A-D (repeat)

D          G            G              A
What«s that?  I hear angels singin«
D           G      Bm          A
Telling me to make my move
D           G             G               A
Listen to it their voices ringin« baby
D           G        Em        A
If you feel it get in the groove
D                                                G        G    D     D       A
(Love is/«Cause to me it«s) the rhythm of two hearts beating
D                        G           G        A    D
Poundin« out a message steady and true
D                G      G   D    D               A
Talk to me baby tell me what you«re feelin«
D                   G        G             A    D
I know what love is What«s it to you?

Time«s up Train«s a leavin« baby
Are you ready to take that ride
Get on board Don«t keep me waiting baby
Say you«re willin« to cross that line

G                                 A
I«m sure your heart is telling you true
F#m                       Bm         A
I gotta know what love is to you

(Chorus) (Twice- second time step up one and to the end)    

I know what love is

What«s it to you?

F#m=  244222
Bm=  X24432

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