Artist: Clay Walker | Song: Seven Sundays

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Clay Walker, Seven Sundays Tabs

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Artist/Band: Walker Clay Tabs
Song: Seven Sundays Tab

Seven Sundays
By Clay Walker

Capo 2

D                         A          Bm
This tie's fitting just a little too tight
G                      A         D
Might have had one too many last night
  D                          A       Bm 
I wonder if it's written all over my face
     G                              A         D 
It's been a little while since I've seen this place

D                      A           Bm
Still I'm sitting here in the back row
       G                A         D  
Like a long lost son is come back home
       A                     Bm     A
When I bow my head and taken off my hat
  G                       A
A Sunday morning takes me back

Growing up under that hometown church steeple
Learning God hates sin but still loves people
The preacher preaching 'bout the Promised Land
And me thinking 'bout holding Jesse Lynn's hand
And one hot summer when I was thirteen
Took my soul to the river and washed it clean
D                                    A
Feels so good, Lord, why can't there be
           G          A
Seven Sundays a week

D                                    A          Bm
Well, I can still hear daddy singing strong and low
G                      A       D 
It is well, it is well with my soul
    D                A      Bm  
And mama laid out my Sunday best
            G                         A       D 
I can still count every flower on her blue sundress
     A                    Bm          A
I've done a lot of living since those days
      G                             A
But a boy comes back when he's been raised


It was softball games
And it was true love waits
And all of those amazing things
About amazing grace


Seven Sundays a week 

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