Artist: Clay Walker | Song: Next Step In Love

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Clay Walker, Next Step In Love Tabs

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Country Tabs > Walker Clay Tabs > Next Step In Love

Artist/Band: Walker Clay Tabs
Song: Next Step In Love Tab

Song:  Next step in love
Artist:  Clay Walker
Album:  Clay Walker
Song-writer:  Clay Walker
Transcribed by:  Jeremy Powers 

Capo 2nd fret and play in G.  You can play it without
a capo in the key of A.  Those are marked with ().

Solid gold candle holders
C(D)   D(E)          G(A)
And an old bottle of wine
Let your hair down on your shoulders
A7(B7)                       D(E)
And you pressed your lips to mine
The rain beats soft against the window
C(D)   D(E)              G(A)
As the night turned into dawn
C(D)     D(E)        G(A) D/F# (C#m)  Em (F#m)
And as I looked deep into your        eyes
C(D)         D(E)     G(A)     CD
I knew where my heart belonged

G(A)              D(E)         C(D)  D(E)
I'm ready for the next step in love
G(A)      D(E)                 C(D)  D(E)
Girl your all that I can think of 
G(A)          D(E) C(D)
Isn't my love good enough
C(D)              D(E)         G(A)
I'm ready for the next step in love

Solid white wedding dress
C(D)  D(E)       G(A)
And a long white vale
We put all our fears to rest
A7(B7)                   D(E)
And we let this ship set sail
I place the ring on your finger
C(D)     D(E)             G(A)
Then you looked at me and smiled
C(D)    D(E)
Then we sealed our love 
     G(A) D/F#(C#m) Em(F#m)
With one  last      kiss
C(D)  D(E)            G(A)  C(D)  D(E)
And I walk you up the isle

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