Artist: Clay Walker | Song: If I Could Make A Living

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Clay Walker, If I Could Make A Living Tabs

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Country Tabs > Walker Clay Tabs > If I Could Make A Living

Artist/Band: Walker Clay Tabs
Song: If I Could Make A Living Tab

     CLAY   WALKER                 ALBUM: If i could make a living

From:  Dave Steeves - Big Kahuna Productions   (

note:   There are two key changes towards the end of this song during 
the chorus,  it is not difficult.  Here's a tip,  play with the CD  and let Clay 
sing the song, chances are your voice won't reach all 3 octives.  
It's a fun song to play ....... Enjoy!

Intro:    F

   F                                               Bb      F
   If I could make a living out of loving you
   F                                     C          F
   I'd be  a millionaire in a week or two
   F                                            Bb              F
   I'd be doing what i love and loving what i do
   F                                              C         F
   If i could make a living out of loving you

Verse 1:
    Bb                                            F
   Early every morning when the sun comes up
          C                                        F
   I'm punching that clock on the wall
     Bb                                    F
   Breakin'  my back just to make a buck
   Wishin i was in your arms


Verse 2:
     Bb                                        F
    I could work all day and feel right at home 
     C                        F
    Loving that 8 to 5
                Bb                                 F
    and i'd never have to leave you here alone 
    when i'm working overtime


Chorus:  Key change to G
                instead of F chord play G
                    ''      ''    Bb    ''     ''     C
                    ''     ''      C    ''     ''      D

Chorus:   Key change to A
                instead of F chord play A
                    ''     ''     Bb  ''     ''       D
                    ''    ''      C    ''       ''     E

Outro:  A   D  A  A   E   A

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