Artist: Clay Walker | Song: I Hate Nights Like This

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Clay Walker, I Hate Nights Like This Tabs

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Country Tabs > Walker Clay Tabs > I Hate Nights Like This

Artist/Band: Walker Clay Tabs
Song: I Hate Nights Like This Tab

Clay Walker - I Hate Nights Like This

Em - G - D - C (2x)

G                           D
I thought I was healing up and I was doing fine
Em                         C
I felt like I haven't felt in a long long time
G                                              D
But it's funny how life can put you in a place Where you've been before
Em                                       C
And leave you lying there like a begger knocking on the door
D                             C
I thought I had escaped this pain in my heart
But it knew right where to find me
         C             D
Like a ghost in the dark

             C                 G
That's why I hate nights like this
    D                G     G/B
It makes me want to be in love
   C                G
I hate nights like this
  D                      G    G/B
When you can count the stars above
            C           Em
And there's no one to kiss
   D                Em - G - D - C
I hate nights like this

Well it's alright I'll be ok I'll just wait for the clouds
Hit my knees pray for rain and just fall down
And maybe the moon won't be so bright when it stares into the sun
And it will know I got even when the morning comes
But I'll just deal with what I'm dealt cool wind in my hair
Standing here waves crashing in
And the clean smell of salt air


C - Em - D - Em - C - G - D


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