Artist: Clay Walker | Song: I Can't Sleep

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Clay Walker, I Can't Sleep Tabs

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Artist/Band: Walker Clay Tabs
Song: I Can't Sleep Tab

D                     C
Ive been up all night long
      G                  D
just waitin on the sun.
              C            G
Ive given up d*** the dawn

it aint ever gonna come.
   somethings wrong
as long as your gone.

G            D                       C
Im not gonna sleep till I touch your face
           G            D      C
baby not a wink I could go for days.
G           C         A
If you ever needed to see me
down on my knees
       D       C
take a look at me
baby I cant sleep.

verse 2:
D                C
Remeber when you said we wouldnt last
G                    C
I couldnt swallow my pride.
Oh its sinking in
baby losing you has.
Finally opened my eyes.
 E              C
   Im wide awake
as long as it takes.


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