Artist: Clay Walker | Song: Feel Like Loving Me Again

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Clay Walker, Feel Like Loving Me Again Tabs

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Artist/Band: Walker Clay Tabs
Song: Feel Like Loving Me Again Tab

If You Ever Feel Like Loving Me Again Ė Clay Walker
Album: Say No More

*NOTE-if you are a new player or want an easier way to play this song see 
below song.

C#m                G#m
I remember when it all began
A                            E
You couldnít keep your body from my hands
C#m                  G#m
I remember nights we felt so close
A                     E
How we got so distant I donít know
A                    B
So as you plan your brand new life
A                      B
Keep this one thing in mind

If you ever feel like loving me again
The doorís wide open baby walk right in
Iíll be waiting til the end of time
                 A                  B
Heart and mind, now just like back then
If you ever feel like needing someone
Who will love you like Iíve always done
Girl Iíll show you some things never end
        A              B         E
If you ever feel like loving me again

C#m                    G#m
People change and baby so do dreams
A                            E
They move along to where the grass is green
C#m                    G#m
So I wonít you down to what we had
A                         E
Last thing I wanna do is make you sad
A                    B
But if things donít fly your way
A                    B
Girl itís never too late


*If you don't like bar chords, capo 4th fret and play with these chords in 
place of the ones listed above:

C#m with Am
G#m with Em
F#m with Dm
A   with F
E   with C
B   with G

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