Artist: Porter Wagoner | Song: Satan's River

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Porter Wagoner, Satan's River Tabs

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Artist/Band: Wagoner Porter Tabs
Song: Satan's River Tab

Satan's River
P. Wagoner
NOTE: CHORUS and verses played with the same pattern.

INTRO: A  E  A  D  A

Satan's got a river, deep and wide
                  D                           A
Yes Satan's got a river, and it's so deep and wide
                 E               D         A
He's got folks a-swimmin' in the warm, smooth tide

But someday Satan's river, it's gonna run dry
What was a smooth river, hot lava will make the tide
Stay clear of Satan's river, heaven's on either side



Big yachts are sailing Satan's river, so smooth
Never stoppin' nor thinkin' 'bout God's golden rule
When the river starts sinkin', they'll cry I've been a fool


OUTRO: E  A  E  A  E  A 

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