Artist: Porter Wagoner | Song: Hot Wired

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Porter Wagoner, Hot Wired Tabs

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Country Tabs > Wagoner Porter Tabs > Hot Wired

Artist/Band: Wagoner Porter Tabs
Song: Hot Wired Tab

Hot Wired

INTRO: D  C  G  D  C  G  D

   D                             C
My baby's got a talent she don't like to talk about
   G                                D
It sent her daddy to the pen and he still ain't got out
It runs in the family like some kinda burning fire
    G                                 D
Her kin can get a free ride, it don't matter where they are

    G                           D
She hot wired my hot plate, hot wired my coffee pot
      G                                    A7
And I do believe she's hot wired dang near everything I got
    D                           C
She climbed up on a ladder, hot wired my ceiling fan
         G                           D
When she came back down to earth she hot wired me, man
D          C          G                    D
Hot wired, hot wired, hot wired, I've been hot wired

She walked out to the barn one day and she hot wired a cow
If she don't believe me boys, try to milk her now
She hot wired the door bell, now it sounds just like a train
If you hold your finger on it, it'll hot wire your brain

She might hot wire your Chevy, she might hot wire your Ford
She hot wired Ernest Tubb and his Texas Troubadors
Then she laid her hands upon me, you shoulda seen the sparks
That hot wirin' woman went and hot wired my heart
Hot wired, hot wired, hot wired, I've been hot wired

SOLO: D  C  G  D

You better not let her change the strings on your flat top guitar
She'll done have you electrified like a rock 'n roll star
Can't wait to plug it in, can't wait to turn it on
Get the whole dern house like the doggone Rolling Stones

When the blue lights started flashin', I said girl you gone too far
When the police wasn't lookin, she hot wired the police car
Her daddy's doin' eight to ten, but he left his tools behind
Now every night his daughter likes to hot wire my mind
Hot wired, hot wired, hot wired, I've been hot wired

D          C          G                    D
Hot wired, hot wired, hot wired, I've been hot wired



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