Artist: Laura Veirs | Song: Black Eyed Susan

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Laura Veirs, Black Eyed Susan Tabs

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Country Tabs > Veirs Laura Tabs > Black Eyed Susan

Artist/Band: Veirs Laura Tabs
Song: Black Eyed Susan Tab

[Cm#]Twenty days walking so lonely and talking to myself and the [G#]rocks and sand
[Cm#]Got me to thinking 'bout going and drinking in a tavern with a c[G#]lean-sha[Cm#]ven man

[Cm#]Just when I thought all souls had been bought by the devil here lo[G#]ng ago
[Cm#]There did I see when I knelt to my knee I little texas flowe[G#]r gr[Cm#]ow

[Cm#]Black-eyed Susan by the roadside blooming all yellow like sunshine [G#]red like wine
[Cm#]Flower like you in a desert this cruel my my you're a ra[G#]re rare f[Cm#]ind

Well my newfound friend gave my heart a mend I sang her songs of my wayward waysWhen day turned to night in the crystal moonlight I confirmed her unwavering gaze
As the days unravelled I stayed in the gravel and Susan kept her eye on meWith my eye on her i felt my heart all astir with the joy of camaraderie
ChorusBlack-eyed Susan by the roadside blooming all yellow like sunshineRed like wine flower like you in a desert this cruel my my you're a rare rare find

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