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Ian Tyson, Will James Tabs

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Country Tabs > Tyson Ian Tabs > Will James

Artist/Band: Tyson Ian Tabs
Song: Will James Tab

That last verse looks a little different but it plays the same. Because of
the way some of the lines break it moves the changes just slightly. You
won't notice it when your playin.

(c) When I was but a (f) small boy
Father (c)bought me many (g) books
About (c) the creatures of the (f) river banks
And (c) the sins of sea (g) cooks
But (c) the ones I never (f) left behind
Of (c) those long forgotten (g) gains
Were (c) the tales of wild and (f) windy slopes
By the (g) man they called Will (c) James

(c) The living of his (f) cowboy dreams
Or (c) so it seemed to (g) me
The (c) perfect combi (f) nation
Riding (c) high and living (g) free
His (c) heros were his (f) horses
And (c) he drew them clear and (g) true
And (c) on every page they'd (f) come alive
And they'd (g) jump straight out at (c) you

(g) His race towards the sunset
Was the (f) high and lonesome (c) kind
(g) Like coyote always looking back
He (f) left no tracks (c) behind
So I've memorized (f) those pictures boys
There (c) still the very (g) best
If (c) whiskey was his (f) mistress
Then his (g) true love was the (c) west

(c) I remember up on (f) deadmans creek back
(c) Thirty years or (g) more
I (c) hired out (f) breaking colts
Which I'd (c) never done (g) before
A (c) city kid, I (f) ask myself now
(c) What would Will james (g) do
And (c) you know it was the (f) damndest thing but it
(g) Kinda got me (c) thru


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