Artist: Ian Tyson | Song: Springtime In Alberta

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Ian Tyson, Springtime In Alberta Tabs

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Artist/Band: Tyson Ian Tabs
Song: Springtime In Alberta Tab

Song: Springtime in Alberta
Sung By: Ian Tyson
CD: All the GoodāUns
Written By: Ian Tyson
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence

(CAPO 3rd Fret)

(Verse 1)
G                            D
Should have seen it in your eyes
I could never read your eyes
So lost in love was I
It always took me by surprise
You were dreaminā of the south land

How your love comes and goes
Oh, itās just like the weather babe
                    Am       Am7
Only Heaven really knows

Am                         D
Just like springtime in Alberta
Warm sunny days and the skies of blue
Then without a warning
Another winter storm comes raging through
And the mercuryās fallinā
              Bm      G
Iām left all alone
                 Am     D
Springtime in Alberta
Chills me to the bone

(Verse 2)

I can see the storm clouds coming
Oh, theyāre dark across the sky
The same look Iāve seen so many times
When Iāve looked into your eyes
So Iāll turn up my old collar
Pull my hat way down low
Oh, the winds getting colder now
Dropping down to near zero

(Repeat Chorus)
Em7             Am     D
Springtime in Alberta
                G     D     G
Chilled to the bone

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