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Ian Tyson, Irving Berlin Tabs

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Artist/Band: Tyson Ian Tabs
Song: Irving Berlin Tab

Song: Irving Berlin (Is 100 Years Old Today)
Sung By: Ian Tyson
CD: All The GoodâUns
Written By: Ian Tyson
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence

Verse 1.
C                               Em
I started those fillies at the pens this mornin'
              F                C
You know the buckskin and the bay,
Before the wind started blowin' too hard
        F               C
At the mid part of the day,
The driest spring in ninety-one years
F                Dm
The radio played on.
       C                 Em                 F       D
Said, Irving Berlin is hundred years old today
     C                         G    C
The windâs gone and blown my woman away

Verse 2.
C                                  Em
The Bay's a little sweetheart ... yeah she is
F                     C
Pretty much like her mom,
The Buckskin's rank ... took me twenty minutes
         F              C
Just to put the hobbles on,
She's smart and she's fast and she donât like people
F                     Dm
She trembles as she stands.
      C                  Em               F       D
And Irving Berlin is a hundred years old today
     C                        G     C
The wind's gone and blown my woman away.

Good God almighty is it ever gonna rain?
Are you ever coming home!
I wonder if old Irving ever wrote a song
About blowed out country, a marriage gone wrong
        C              G
And a cowboy on the telephone?

Happy birthday, Irving, God bless you
Are you glad just to be alive!
The hockey game is on tonight from Boston
I've got the Oilers in five,
Tomorrow I'm gonna try and fix this tractor
And try to keep my mind off of you
And Irving Berlin is a hundred years old today
The wind's gone and blown my woman away
Irving Berlin is 100 years old today
The windâs gone and blown my woman away

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