Artist: Dan Tyminski | Song: Some Early Morning

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Dan Tyminski, Some Early Morning Tabs

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Country Tabs > Tyminski Dan Tabs > Some Early Morning

Artist/Band: Tyminski Dan Tabs
Song: Some Early Morning Tab

Some Early Morning
Artist: Dan Tyminski

Dm                                           C                G
It was late one night in the heart of town I was drinkin' all alone
Dm                                 F           G
Ran out of cash when i paid my tab so i headed home
Dm                                       C                   G
The night was black the air was thick as I wondered past the park
       F                                   Am              Dm
Then a shot rang out and i heard a scream beside me in the dark

Dm                              C          G
Afraid that maybe I'd be next I started to run.
Dm                                        F           G
Just as fast as my feet would go into the barrel of a gun.
Dm                                      C               G
A lawmans light was blinding me he said why'd you do it son.
F                                         Am           Dm
Two weeks later in a criminal court I was up on murder one.

F                C       G
Maybe some early mornin' 
                Dm    F
In a pasture of green
                 C       G
Beside the still waters
I'll awake from this dream... This terrible dream

Well I sat there in the court room as the tears ran down my face.
Guilty man is free somewhere and they put me in his place.
The Jury read the verdict and the judge called out my name.
He said young man you'll spend your life wearin' the ball and chain.

Now I'm stairin' at the ceiling as I lay here on my bed
Fourteen long and lonely years it's where i layed my head
Behind these cold gray prison walls time sure passes slow
and unless I die tomorrow I've still got a life to go

Maybe some early mornin'
In a pasture of green
Beside the still waters
I'll awake from this dream... This terrible dream

A man who's lost his vision will live and die alone
In the cold walls of this prison my heart has turned to stone
The lights are growin' dimmer as I take my final breath
I can smell the air of freedom as I close my eyes in death.

Maybe some early mornin'
In a pasture of green
Beside the still waters
I'll awake from this dream... This terrible dream

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