Artist: Conway Twitty | Song: Tight Fittin Jeans

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Conway Twitty, Tight Fittin Jeans Tabs

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Country Tabs > Twitty Conway Tabs > Tight Fittin Jeans

Artist/Band: Twitty Conway Tabs
Song: Tight Fittin Jeans Tab

Recorded by:  Conway Twitty 
Submitted by:  Tom Rivers 
Requested by:  Jerry Lee Tyner;

Here's how I do it.  If you have questions about the Nashville Numbering System, email me at

(Verse 1) 
She tried to hide it by the faded denim clothes she wore. 
But I knew she'd never been inside a bar before. 
I felt just like a peasant, who just had met a queen 
And she knew I saw right through her tight fittin' jeans.

(Verse 2) 
I asked her what's a woman, like you doin' here? 
I see you're used to champagne, but I'll buy you a beer. 
She said you've got me figured out, but I'm not what I seem 
And for a dance I'll tell you 'bout these tight fittin' jeans.

(Chorus 1) 
She said I married money, I'm used to wearin' pearls 
But I've always dreamed of bein' just a good ol' boy's girl. 
So tonight I left those crystal candlen lights to live a dream, 
And partner there's a tiger in these tight fittin' jeans.

(Verse 3) 
We danced every dance, and Lord the beer that we went through. 
I'm satisfied I did my best to make her dreams come true. 
As she played out her fantasy before my eyes it seemed, 
A cowgirl came alive inside those tight fittin' jeans.

(Verse 4) 
In my mind she's still a lady, that's all I'm gonna say. 
I knew that I'd been broken by the time we parted ways. 
And I know I held more woman than most eyes have ever seen 
That night I knew a lady wearin' tight fittin' jeans.

(Chorus 2) 
Well, now she's back in her world, and I'm still stuck in mine. 
But I know I'll always remember the time. 
A cowboy once had, a millionaire's dream. 
And Lord I loved that lady wearin' tight fittin' jeans.

     1          1          4          1 
     1          1          27         57 
     1          1          4          1 
     1          1          57         1

     57         57         1          1 
     4          1          27         57 
     1          1          4          1 
     1          1          57         1

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