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Conway Twitty, Single Thing In Mind Tabs

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Artist/Band: Twitty Conway Tabs
Song: Single Thing In Mind Tab

She's got a single thing in mind by Conway Twitty
transcribed by: Dawn
Written by Curtis Wright-Billy Spencer
Can be found on the Conway Twitty Box Set

Intro:  D Bm G D

D                                    Bm
She can't find the words to break it to me
              G               D
Oh she always was the gentle kind
D                                  Bm
She's hoping i'll hear it from a friend somewhere
                   G                 D        
She's hoping i'll read between the lines
        Bm           A                 Bm                A
and it comes as no surprise  cause she told me with her eyes

               D                  Bm
so watcher of time  the ties that bind
            G                D
she's got a single thing in mind
D  Bm  G  D

D                              Bm
She's already gone  except in body
             G             D
it's just a matter now of time
D                                           Bm
Well i should have seen the storm clouds gathering
                 G                 D
but he who won't look is just as blind
           Bm          A             Bm              A
so there's only me to blame  when my woman drops my name

D  Bm  G  D
D  Bm  G  D

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