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Conway Twitty, Play Guitar Play Tabs

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Artist/Band: Twitty Conway Tabs
Song: Play Guitar Play Tab

"Play, Guitar Play"
Performed by Conway Twitty
I don't know who wrote it, when, or which album it is from.
(Capo up as needed, 3d fret?... Moderate, wistful tempo, kind of a
"clang dangy clang dangy clang dangy clang dangy... beat.  The
underlined parts serve as the reprise/chorus - same beat only more
intense... this guy feels BAD about what-the-heck-ever he did back
then... The last lines after the second reprise/chorus are kind of a
fade out, good place for a harmonica to add a lonesome flourish, string
out that last "meeeeeeee..." right up to "Guitar Play..." then end

Play, guitar play.... Take me back.... to yes-terday...
                                       G         Gm
let me see... cotton growin'... in the fields....
Let me hear... my momma callin'... "Look a yon-der y'all who's comin'!
                           G      F                         C
Down the road, he's comin' home!".... but they know i never will.
G                            F             C
I left them livin' with that awful thang i done....
G                         F                     G      Gm
I didn't tell them I just packed my clothes and run....
Play... Guitar play... Help me through... another day.
                                           G     Gm
Help me make... another dollar... before I go.......
We got time... for one more song... then we'll have... to move along...
                        G       F                       C
another town... another crowd...  Lord I wonder if they know...
G                         F           C
Can they read between the lines in my songs...
G                 F                   G       Gm
as i sing about a good boy, that went wrong...
F                      C
Guitar we got years to kill...
F                         C
Got to climb that distant hill...
F                         C
I wonder if they think of me............

Guitar play....

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