Artist: Conway Twitty | Song: Cheating Fire

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Conway Twitty, Cheating Fire Tabs

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Country Tabs > Twitty Conway Tabs > Cheating Fire

Artist/Band: Twitty Conway Tabs
Song: Cheating Fire Tab

recorded by Conway Twitty
written by Russ Allison, Donald Miller, Dave Hall 

C              F          C
Cheating fire  gonna burn higher
Still we lay here in the ashes unconcerned
      C                           F                     C
Every night the same old thing we just pour fuel on the flame
                               G7                      C
Before this cheating fire goes out someone's gonna get burned
                     F                C
Here we are again to far gone to gain control
If we can't find a way to kill the flame
       C                F                       C
We get lost in our love don't know which way to turn
                           G7         C
So we'll just build a fire and let it burn
Repeat #1
                       F                            C
It don't feel so wrong cause the fire's gone out at home
And right now this feeling's more than we can stand
   C                          F                   C
We find we're just to weak to fight this strong desire
                        G7               C
And tonight we'll build another cheating fire
Repeat #1 

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