Artist: Shania Twain | Song: Raining On Our Love

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Shania Twain, Raining On Our Love Tabs

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Artist/Band: Twain Shania Tabs
Song: Raining On Our Love Tab

Intro: G - C - G - D 
 G      Em 
Remember me the way I was 
The way I'd make late for work 
I had to hold just because 
  G                        Em 
Remember you the way you'd wake me up 
To love me once again 
We were lovers, we were friends 
   But was I chasin' rainbows  
   Blinded by the sun 
   And did I take for granted  
   I'd be the only one? 

            C    D        G 
   I didn't know you were so lonely 
      C          D              G 
   Am I to blame for makin' you that way? 
   Did I neglect all that mattered? 
           Em            G 
   With my head so far above 
   The clouds I didn't see

               D              G 
   That it was raining on our love 
Instrumental: G - C - G - D 
         G            Em 
Remember when just to feel my touch 
Was all you ever needed 
Oh it used to be enough 
Remember when love 
      Em                              C 
Was a promise we would give our lives to keep 
And no river ran as deep 
(Repeat Bridge) 
(Repeat Chorus) 
  F                     Bb 
   I was taking all the love you had to give 
       F         Bb              C 
   But I was too lost in life to know 
  F                           Bb 
   That without my love in return you should not live 
       Dm            C              Bb   C D 
   Now she gives the love I did not show ohhh 
(Repeat Chorus) 

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