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Turnpike Troubadours, Wrecked Tabs

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Artist/Band: Turnpike Troubadours Tabs
Song: Wrecked Tab

            G               D            Am             C 
Well lookin back when I met you, we were shiny, we were brand new
  G                 D             C 
A couple kids who'd never been to town
                  G             D            Am            C      
It was a quart of beer, a paper sack, leave a penny on the railroad track
    G              D                  C 
You let me steal a kiss from you when no one was around

       G           D         Am                C
Hangin out, hangin on to the night fore it was gone
          G              D            C 
Like we'd never see that parking lot again
                G              D                Am             C 
We were sneakin in the picture show and pourin' bourbon in our coke
       G            D             C
Aw and never seein' how the movie ends
      Am                                      D   D/C  D/B
And I thought that they might ride off in the sun

        D/A       G                   D
But you wrecked it all, you wrecked my heart
                Am                       C
You wrecked our house and you wrecked my car
     G              D                C 
Left all the pieces scattered on the lawn
          G           D          
Caught up in your headlights
           Am            C  
Well I was blindsided in plain sight
     G              D               C                       G 
I'll salvage what I may when you're gone but you wrecked it all

Well on down the road we built our home out of bedsheets and Styrofoam
Hopin that the wind might never blow
And it's love or fight, everyday like a Tennessee Williams play
Not knowin how it ended when we signed on for the show
And I hoped that we might ride off in the sun



Life ain't what it was back then, someone smashed the windshield in
Well you never see it comin till it's knockin out your teeth
And it's the same Saturday, brand new Fords and Chevrolet's
Lined up like they never saw the likes of you and me
And I watched them as they drove off in the sun

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