Artist: Josh Turner | Song: Unburn All Our Bridges

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Josh Turner, Unburn All Our Bridges Tabs

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Artist/Band: Turner Josh Tabs
Song: Unburn All Our Bridges Tab

This is a great song. 
I believe Josh sings this song in C# which for him is extremely low lol. 
So if you cant sing low you may have to use this as a guide 
to find another key better suited for you.
This is my first tab to submit so hollar at me if
you have any questions or corrections. 
God bless.   Capo in 1.

C                                          F
I miss you so much I dont know what to do. I 
cant bear the thought of my life without you.
G7              G                  C    
Please baby lets unburn all our bridges. 
    C                                 F
Whatever it was that tore us apart can
surely be healed with forgiving hearts.

G7              G                  C
Please baby lets unburn all our bridges.

Chor.:  Am                     G
        Tempers were lost. Emotions ran
          F                         C
high. Feelings were wounded on the night
            Am                 G
of goodbye. We said some things we didnt
        F                    G
mean. That wasnt you, baby that wasnt me.   

V2 same as V1.

[Thanks to for tabs]

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