Artist: Josh Turner | Song: South Carolina Lowcountry

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Josh Turner, South Carolina Lowcountry Tabs

Josh Turner Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Turner Josh Tabs > South Carolina Lowcountry

Artist/Band: Turner Josh Tabs
Song: South Carolina Lowcountry Tab

Capo 3

Intro:  G   C/G   G    C/G   

G                       C
I grew up in South Carolina
G                                       D
Singin' all them bluegrass and country songs
G                                 C
I'd sing from Hannah down to Charlestowne
G                    D               G
And gettin' all the people to sing along
To what I call...


C          D         G
South Carolina low country
C                      D               G
Southern words with an old sandlapper tune
C          D           G         G/F#      Em
Palmetto trees swayin' in that Atlantic breeze
C                                  D
Reachin' up to touch the crescent moon
C          D         Em
South Carolina low country
C             D               G
Is the music that comes outta me

Instrumental: C   D    G     C/G

G                           C
I remember standin' in the warm sunshine
G                          D
Workin' my fingers to the bone
G                               C  
Singin' as I suckered down that old drag road
G                   D          G
I came up with the music on my own
It's what I call...


C      D       G   Em    C      D       G      A

Key Change: A

A                                D
God bless Wade Hampton and the Swamp Fox
A                                      E
Their strength will stand the test of time
A                                       D
They fought for a flag, a state, and a way of life
A                E               A
Because of that you will always find
Me Singin' about


D          E         A
South Carolina low country
        D                            E
Oh the sound in my heart will always be
D          E         F#m
South Carolina low country
D                  E              A
That's the music that comes outta me
D               E            A
It's the music comin' outta me

Outro: D      E     A    E    A

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