Artist: Josh Turner | Song: One Woman Man

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Josh Turner, One Woman Man Tabs

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Artist/Band: Turner Josh Tabs
Song: One Woman Man Tab

Im A One Women Man

Intro:G    C G
If you told me that you love me

I would feel so proud

If youd let me hold you honey
      C            G
Id holler out loud

Ill never love another

Even if I can
                                                                   C         G
Come to me baby Im a one women man
G                                        C
Want you let me baby just a kind of hang around
       D                           G      
Ill always love honey and Ill never let you down

Ill never love another even if I can
                                                                        C         G
Well come to me baby Im a one women man
Id climb the highest mountain 

If it reached a bigger sky

To prove that I love you
       C             G
Id jump off and fly

Id even swim the ocean 

>From shore to shore

To prove that I love you
           C          G
Just a little bit more

repeat chorus:
repeat 1st verse
repeat chorus:

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