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Josh Turner, Loretta Lynn's Lincoln Tabs

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Country Tabs > Turner Josh Tabs > Loretta Lynn's Lincoln

Artist/Band: Turner Josh Tabs
Song: Loretta Lynn's Lincoln Tab


     E                          A
Like any other would-be country singin' sensation
         E                B7
I had no visible means of transportation
    E                      A
One Saturday mornin' I was searchin' the adds
       E                             B7        E
When I found one that I wanted and I wanted it bad
    E                               B7        E
(He found one that he wanted and he wanted it bad)

I called up the salesman, he said come on in
I got that Lincoln right here belonged to Loretta Lynn
The Coalminer's Daughter used to drive it to town
It's yours for a song and five hundred down
(He said it's yours for a song and five hundred down)

       E                       A
I said Loretta Lynn's Lincoln 
     E                         B7
Yeah Loretta Lynn's Lincoln
  E                     A
I had no idea what that dealer was thinkin'
       E                    B7          E
But he toted the note on Loretta Lynn's Lincoln

BREAK: E  A  B7  E

Well I throwed my old guitar into that big back street
And I steered her on out onto Demonbreun Street
Them other cars pulled over like the Red Sea had parted
And it was then I had a vision of Dolly Parton
(Right there he had a vision of Dolly Parton)


She said ain't that Loretta Lynn's Lincoln
Yeah it's Loretta Lynn's Lincoln
She said I thought I recognized those two big headlights blinkin
I do declare that there's Loretta Lynn's Lincoln

BREAK: E  A  B7  E

Dolly said slide over J. Otis, let me take ya downtown
MisS Loretta's waitin' for us at the Orchid Lounge
I couldn't believe my ears I couldn't believe my eyes
Why, she was wavin' from the curb as we rolled by

Well we turned that big rig around, right on a dime
I ain't seen nothin' like that since Red Sovine (Red Sovine)
That's what Loretta was sayin' as she hopped in the back
And then she said hey hoss ain't this my old Cadillac
No ma'am Miss Loretta this ain't your Cadillac


It's Loretta Lynn's Lincoln (Loretta)
Yeah Loretta Lynn's Lincoln (it's Loretta Lynn's Lincoln)
The radio was on and we was all lip-sinkin
Ridin' 'round Nashville in Loretta Lynn's Lincoln, woo!

BREAK: E  A  E  B7   E  A  B7  E

I heard a tappin' on the window as I woke up
'Neath an old newspaper in my pickup truck
The policeman said boy you better hit the road jack
Get that bucket of bolts back across the tracks


Officer, this here's Loretta Lynn's Lincoln (then he said)
Son that ain't Loretta Lynn's Lincoln (oh oh oh oh)
I was wakin' up and my dreams was sinkin'
Like them old springs on Loretta's Lynn's Lincoln


Yeah Loretta Lynn's Lincoln (Loretta, Loretta)
Oh Loretta Lynn's Lincoln (that ain't Loretta Lynn's Lincoln)
If you ever get to wonderin' what I was a-dreamin'
I was dreamin' I was ridin' in Loretta Lynn's Lincoln


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