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Tanya Tucker, What Do They Know Tabs

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Artist/Band: Tucker Tanya Tabs
Song: What Do They Know Tab

Prepared by Allan Travers               
Shorthand by Claudette Noah

NOTE: Absus = Ab with the 4th note (Db) on top sounds best

Dbmaj7    (4 inside strings only)    
|1|||| 4th fret                  


By Tanya Tucker

[Ab] They say [Dbmaj7]life goes [Db]on, [Eb]Iāll find true [Absus]love
Its not the [Dbmaj7]end of the [Db]world, [Eb]one day my [Absus]heart will
Someone will [Db]come along [Eb]and a new love will [Ab]grow.[Cm7] [Fm]
Thats what they [Bbmi7]say [Eb]but what do they [Ab]know.

How could they [Dbma7]know the [Db]pain [Eb]I feel in[Absus]side my

they never [Dbmaj7]lost your [Db]love, [Eb]so who do they [Absus]think they
They never [Db]held you, [Eb]had to let you [Ab]go. [Cm7] [Fm]
Theyāre not trying to live with[Bbm7]out you, [Eb]so what do they [Ab]know.

They say all is [Db]fair in love but for me thatās just not [Ab]true.
I feel like [Fm]someone took a knife [Cm]and cut my life in [Bbm7]two.[Eb]
Its better to have [Db]love and lost [Eb]than to have never loved, Iām
At least thatās what they [Bbm7]say, [Eb]but what do they [Ab]know
Theyāre not trying to live [Bbm7]without you, [Eb]so what do they [Ab]know.

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